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Account Banning:

1. The sharing of paid services (software, programs, or any other paid content) obtained through Killer360Hacks.ml is not approved and any registered user is subject to account termination upon violation of this term. 2. Any payment for services or products offered through Killer360Hacks.ml requires immediate payment, through PayPal account only. Any chargebacks through a user's PayPal account is grounds for the registered users account to be terminated. Proven false chargebacks on a user's PayPal account will be punished to the fullest extent of the law where applicable.

3. Any account sharing (allowing any unregistered persons to use a registered account that does not belong to them) is hereby a violation of this agreement, and the account that has been shared will be permanently banned and an IP ban will be placed. 4. Abuse and exploitation of products and services offered through Killer360Hacks.ml is a violation of the terms and conditions. Examples include: ·Selling of any free or paid product without creators consent ·Claiming any offered content as any persons other than Killer360Hacks 5. Using a fake / temporary email address will result into a permanent account ban and a permanent IP ban. 18 U.S. Code: 1342 - Fictitious Info prohibits you from using false information when conducting online business.

*DISCLAIMER: Any registered account to Killer360Hacks.ml is subject to termination at any point in time with no notice.*

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